Purslow's Gascony is frequently quoted in the property press.

The Sunday Telegraph

Discover the draw of Gascony. "It is like the England we used to know. Less busy, less materialistic. There aren't so many big shopping centres, and there is an old world courtesy." Ian Purslow only agrees to handle houses that he likes ... nothing modern, no wrecks, no gremlins.

The Field

Purslow suggests going for 'pocket châteaux' ... "Look closely at the architecture for authenticity and period detail, as well as the quality of the structure and services and the renovation work. Parkland and old trees can add considerable value."

Le Figaro Propriétés de France

La Gascogne est " la mode. Chacun connaît telle vedette de la T.V. ou du cinéma qui est devenue propriétaire depuis peu. Un engouement nouveau qui est du au caractére intact de cette belle province. La Rédaction tient " remercier Ian Purslow pour sa collaboration.

Evening Standard

If space is what you want, Gers is big country. This historic French region, in the heart of Gascony, offers rural charm and quality of life in abundance. Purslow sells throughout the Gers and his buyers are looking for classic country houses.

Sunday Times

... Ian Purslow has been selling properties in the Gers since 1990. "The area has endless variety", he says "and Gascony has been described as France's answer to Tuscany."

Country Life

For connoisseurs of South-West France, Gascony is no longer a new area; it is now a mature market with buyers taking advantage of low-cost flights to Toulouse and Pau. Mr Purslow has a number of typical stone houses set in their own land.

The Telegraph

Gascony and, in particular, the Gers, is La Belle France of an Englishman's imagination ...a cross between the Cotswolds and Tuscany. "It is a time warp", says Sue Purslow, who, with her husband Ian, runs Purslow's Gascony an agency specialising in restored period property.

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