About Gascony

This rolling, hilly, varied land, blessed with southern sun and Atlantic freshness, is arguably the most exquisitely beautiful, rustic and satisfying region of France.

The whole of this vast area, its rich rural heartland, remains almost completely undiscovered except by a few wise connoisseurs who, no doubt, would prefer to guard their secret !!

"The Gers, one of the most beautiful départements in France, is deep in the heart of Gascony. On a hot August day, sipping a glass of the local rosé wine under the shade of walnut trees, watching butterflies fluttering over the wild meadow flowers, is to enjoy la France profonde at its unspoiled, peaceful best.

Gascony is holiday heaven. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Stunning countryside, meandering rivers, Roman roads and ruins, Romanesque churches, fine wines, delicious food, the region's equally delicious Armagnac to drink - and as much great and often gory history as anyone could wish for.

There are a multitude of leisure, sporting and cultural activities when holidaying or living in Gascony.

  • delightfully uncrowded golf courses
  • swimming lakes & canoeing rivers
  • equestrian centres & horse-racing
  • woodland trails & marked walks
  • world-renowned jazz & music festivals
  • classical music, dance & photography
  • animated weekly & night markets
  • modern circus year round in Auch
  • rugby, motor racing, courses landaises
  • ski-ing & hiking in the Pyrenees
  • surfing on the Atlantic coast
  • Carcassonne & the Canal du Midi

But for some, simply exploring the historic towns and villages and buying excellent produce in the local markets is enough. There is an arcaded village square, a friendly café or a family-run restaurant for everyone to fall in love with and want to return to year after year.

However you travel, come soon...

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