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A Perfect Location

Gascony, in South West of France, is a region of gently rolling hills and soft light set against the dramatic silhouette of the Pyrenees Mountains on the southern horizon. The name Gascony refers to ancient territories that ceased to exist after the French Revolution and encompasses the triangle west of Toulouse, south of the Garonne River.

Agriculture plays a key role in the region with dazzling fields of sunflowers, wheat, maize, vineyards and cattle. There is an abundance of flora and fauna including deer, wild boar and birds of prey.

The region is known for its country fairs and festivals, notably Jazz in Marciac, and as the home of d'Artagnan, immortalised by Alexandre Dumas in The Three Musketeers. Gascons, known for their hospitality and welcome, make Gascony the perfect location for a holiday house or family home.


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