Out and About

There are a multitude of leisure, sporting and cultural activities when holidaying or living in Gascony.

  • delightfully uncrowded golf courses

  • swimming lakes & canoeing rivers

  • equestrian centres & horse-racing

  • woodland trails & marked walks

  • world-renowned jazz & music festivals

  • classical music, dance & photography

  • animated weekly & night markets

  • modern circus year round in Auch

  • rugby, motor racing, courses landaises

              - and a little further afield -

  • ski-ing & hiking in the Pyrenees

  • surfing on the Atlantic coast

  • Carcassonne & the Canal du Midi

But for some, simply exploring the historic towns and villages and buying excellent produce in the local markets is enough. There is an arcaded village square, a friendly café or a family-run restaurant for everyone to fall in love with and want to return to year after year.

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